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Avoid the Christmas Rush

Construction Subcontractors Experiencing Payment Issues - Avoid the Christmas Rush

We have been appointed as Party Representative in 15 adjudications over the past 12 months and we are currently involved in many more disputes at both a national level and an international level, and most importantly we have an excellent record.

It’s November. As the approach to Christmas gets closer construction subcontractors should not delay with any payment concerns. The time is now to ask for help for negotiation of any dispute or preparation for adjudication.

Christmas is for enjoying, not worrying about payment, and this winter will create lots of problems, especially for smaller contractors and subcontractors. It is often difficult to appoint adjudicators over the Christmas period (often referred to as the Christmas ambush) and Christmas is, after all, a time of rest.

Unfortunately, disputes are increasing significantly.

Don’t get stuck in the Christmas ambush! No charge for an initial consultation to review options.

If you are a client or a contractor who has received a Notice of Adjudication, we can also help.

Please follow us and contact us 0121 352 6556 on for a no obligation chat to review your options.


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